Varalakshmi Devi Idols At Sarvalaya ,Varalakshmi Idols Vizag ,Varalakshmi Pooja Articles

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Varalakshmi Devi Idols at Sarvalaya ,Varalakshmi Idols vizag ,Varalakshmi Pooja ArticlesVaralakshmi Devi Idols at Sarvalaya ,Varalakshmi Idols vizag ,Varalakshmi Pooja ArticlesVaralakshmi Devi Idols at Sarvalaya ,Varalakshmi Idols vizag ,Varalakshmi Pooja ArticlesVaralakshmi Devi Idols at Sarvalaya ,Varalakshmi Idols vizag ,Varalakshmi Pooja ArticlesVaralakshmi Devi Idols at Sarvalaya ,Varalakshmi Idols vizag ,Varalakshmi Pooja Articles
As said in sacred writings every prayer to god must be performed in a holy way. Pooja Mandir at your home reflects all the spirituality for you to offer prayer to the gods and goddesses.
As the month of July &August is approaching, it is considered as one of the most auspicious months of the year as Shravana Masam according to the Telugu calendar. The Friday’s of this month are very special to all Hindu’s especially married women who offer their prayers to Varalakshmi Devi idols.
This Pooja is performed on Friday, when it’s the full moon day as it holds more importance to the Vratam. Varalakshmi Pooja is very sacred for Hindus as it is performed to offerprayers to goddess Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth) for good progeny and long life of their husband.
The process of this Varalakshmi Vratam is very interesting and every woman can perform the Pooja by getting the required items such as Varalakshmi Idols, Varalakshmi Pooja articles and required accessories. The worship of the god begins with placing the Kalash a bronze pot cleaned thoroughly and placed in a heap of rice. Swastik symbol is marked on the Kalasham, a piece of red cloth which is considered as the sacred color for the goddess is covered around the coconut and five kinds of leaves and beetle nuts are placed before the god.

The Kalasham and Varalakshmi Idols are adored differently depending from one region to another. Most common things that every women uses during this puja are turmeric, kumkum powder, Agarbatti’s, Dhoop sticks, diyas and different temple jewellery to decorate the goddess. Some south Indians tie saree to the kalasham and place their gold jewellery all over the god to make their Varalakshmi Devi Idol look Vibrant. Different types of flowers and sweet dishes are offered as naivedyam.
Sarvalaya, a division of Rathod Divine stores, was the brainchild of Shri. Amit Jain Rathod, with the intention to bring forth an all-inclusive for best quality pooja requirements, thus bridging one’s spiritual and religious needs.
Indian Pooja items are a never ending List for them who love to adore their Worship place and do offering to God. Let’s see what Sarvalaya Offers to its customers.
Sarvalaya near Allipuram is one stop for everyone to get their hands on different sizes and designs of Varalakshmi idols, Varalakshmi Pooja articles, God accessories like cloths and temple jewellery,Puja Khazana, GopuramKalasam,spiritual books, statues and other god idols.We offers many varieties of Puja lamps, Karpooraaartthi, Chandan Cup, Rice cup, Panchapatraetc in many materials and forms.
We also have different sizes of metal God Idols and Statues at our store. You can select your Idols from Copper, Bronze and Alloy. People decorate their homes and Pooja place by lighting Lamps which is considered good for the home. We offer wide variety of Lamps and Lantern boxes that give a unique feel to your puja room. Apart from god idols and accessories we also different types of Hundis .We also have different model jewellery for goddesses that can be adorned to god on some occasions and festivals. Our eye catching temple jewellery is just perfect for any occasion.
This store not only has items for individuals but also for temple communities. Temples usually require a lot of materials in bulk and other items like big Hundis, Temple drums etc. We have automatic temple drums where the start time can be set which makes the work more easy without having any men spending time on it. Most of the temple communities come to our store for purchasing our best Ornamental cloths and deity dresses like dhoti, saree, angavastram, cloth pillars, fans, fancy umbrellas decorate the god and goddesses.
A Store that welcomes you to a beautiful environment calming your mind and giving you a vast experience on choosing the items with their different collections, sizes, designs and unique crafting. They also have bells that are bought by Hindu temples, Churches and Buddhist temples. Bells are very sacred at Hindu temples and at Buddhist temples because of the OM sound the bell produces which clears the negative energy and enables one to meditate and offer their prayer to god with good thoughts. We provide brass bells which come in different sizes and also can be placed at home easily.
Aarthi is one compulsory ritual that every Hindu follows while praying to god. At Sarvalaya you can find these items in different shapes, styles and sizes. Some of them have very unique designs of gods placed as handles which makes the Aarthi even more special. Come in for some great experience at our store where you can spend more time in seeing the items and choosing what suits your home or temple the best.
If you’re here to gift a special person or celebrate a wedding day or any big event you can choose gift items and Vasthu related items that can be the perfect gift to your special occasion. Performing any Yagna or Pooja, the items you need can be found at our store making it easy for you to just come in and get all the Pooja accessories.
Our store not only offers accessories to individual customers but also to temples that need huge amount of Vessels, Temple jewellery, Temple Lantern boxes, Automatic temple drum bells, Temple hundi for collecting donations etc.
Among all the Pooja Samagri items, one thing that calms our mind while offering prayer to god is the use of Agarbatti’s or Dhoop sticks. The pleasant smell gives peace to our soul and lets our prayer reach the god. At our store, you can find many forms and fragrances of Agarbatti’s and Dhoop sticks.
Sarvalaya is best known for its quality of products and gives 100% customer satisfaction keeping your spiritual needs in mind. Our hand crafted idols, statues and accessories can be placed in any corner of your home to experience the positive vibrations. Our store in Visakhapatnam is one of the largest Pooja Accessories stores where families, individuals, pundits, temple committees and associations can come or contact us to arrange any Puja Samagri and other essentials.
As July is approaching near and it is considered as the most important month, our store will be filled with more items of Varalakshmi Devi Idols and Varalakshmi Pooja articles. Come in to feel some great experience of god at our store.

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