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Leucorrhoea treatment in Desai Deoria  8860455545
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This vaginal discharge [known medically as Leucorrhoea], which is a disease of the reproductive system in women, is whitish in color [layman's term for this condition is 'the whites'] andmay continue for long periods of your time, if not treated on the onset this drawback might become chronic, so creating it harder to do cure or treat medically.

Some of the following symptoms only appear if the patient is a chronic Leucorrhoea sufferer.

* Heavy white discharge from the vagina
* Pain in lumbar region
* Weakness
* Tiredness
* Painful calves
* Constipation
* A dragging feeling in the abdomen
* Headaches
* Itchiness
* Irritability
* Black bags under the eyes


1) Bad diet - this increases the toxins in a the body, and if the usual elimination organs [kidneys, liver etc] cannot cope the body then starts excreting these extra toxins through the mucous membranes [generally the uterus and vagina], thus causing a discharge in the form of 'the whites'.

2) Thickening of the mucus membrane - generally during the menstrual period, this can cause an incidence of the vaginal discharge.

3) Damaged cervix - this infection may occur after the birth of a child [damage to the birth canal].

4) Displacement of the womb has also been known to cause this condition.

5) Bad hygiene - this can attract bacteria to the region thus causing the problem.

Treatments and remedies

1) Water - this can be very beneficial in helping to cure the vaginal discharge, used in a douche; it will help clean and thus eliminate any discharge present in the vagina. To use this method effectively you will need one and a half liters of warm water, a douche bag and a place to hang the bag [about three feet.

With the hips slightly elevated, insert the nozzle into the vagina [you may want to oil the nozzle slightly] and let the water flow. Regulate the strength of the flow via the valve on the nozzle. Do this daily for the duration of the discharge. Another water method is to have a cold bath [hips need to be covered], soak in the tub for ten minutes every day to help relieve any congestion in the pelvic region.

2) Amaranth Root - generally you would use the rind of the root, mix it with about 25ml of water, strain and give to the patient morning and evening. If no root is available, it is also possible to use the leaves and small branches of this plant.

3) Lady fingers - boil 100gms of this vegetable plant in about 1/2 a liters of water, strain, cool, sweeten with honey and give 60mls to the patient at least 3 times a day. This mixture is also very beneficial in other genital-urinary conditions.

4) Guava leaves - make an infusion and use as a douche [powerful natural astringent].

5) Fenugreek seeds - taken in the form of a tea [weak], it can also be used as a douche but the solution will then need to be made stronger.

6) Walnut leaves - these leaves are used in a douche due to their astringent qualities.

7) Mango seeds/pips - make a paste of the hair found on these seeds and apply about a teaspoon full internally for good results in relieving the discharge.

The patient needs to eat a well balanced diet, especially during an episode of this medical problem, if no change is noticed after trying a few of these treatments and home remedies then it is advised that they go see the doctor for they may need medical attention and stronger medication.

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