Unlock Your Childs Hidden Super Sensory Power At Active Mind Tec Thakurganj Lucknow India

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Unlock Your Childs Hidden Super Sensory Power at Active Mind Tec Thakurganj Lucknow India
Active Mind Tec What is the MidBrain Activation ? How to Develop your Child's 6th Sense at Active Mind Tec Institute We at ACTIVE MIND TEC strongly believe that in order for dynamic education products to reach the extreme rural market, Edupreneurs must be encouraged and nurtured in a way that will assist them to flourish & expand rapidly In 2015, Active Mind Tec launched its first Own combined Brand consisting of 10+ Products with state of the art features and user experience creating a record number of brands within a short span of time, yet again working with latest features and world class interface for business support. Active Mind Tec was conceptualized in December 2013 and formally launched in 2015. The company was incubated with a singular perspective to provide sustainable new age Brain Development Solutions to Edupreneurs across India and the Rest of the World. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Education Enterprise, Active Mind Tec has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate in several Operational areas created within 1 Year. MID BRAIN ACTIVATION The midbrain, also called the mesencephalon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay center for visual, auditory, and motor system information. The midbrain is located above the brain stem of human beings. it is responsible for the perception of stimuli and the subsequent communication with the right and left hemispheres to process this perceptive information. Typically, as part of the lower brain centres, the mid brain is not subject to an individuals conscious awareness. Dr Makoto Shichida who devoted more than 40 years of research into the functioning of the brain, actually uses the term Interbrain rather than Midbrain. We will keep to the use of the term Midbrain as this has been popularized by recent developments. In the human cerebrum, there is a section called the interbrain that lies between the left and right hemispheres. It is crucial to awaken this so-called third brain in order to improve the capabilities of the human brain. HOW IT WORKS We have a team of experts who give personalized attention to every child and help them to activate their mind with unlimited power. We conduct a workshop for children from 5 to 15 years of age wherein we guide them through the techniques of activating their mind and feeling the surrounding only through all senses. Through the workshop, we help the children to read blind folded, which proves the fact that the child's mid brain function gets activated and once that's done then your child's hidden potential gets unleashed one by one. What we basically do at Mind Activation is: > To help the children bring out their hidden potential which they otherwise cannot bring out > To help them develop their body and mind in totality > To transfuse high creativity and sharp sensitivity so that they can be successful in their future life Contact Here: ACTIVE MIND TEC 1st Floor, Chauhan Plaza, Tahseenganj, Hardoi Road, Thakurganj, Lucknow Mobile: +91-7080-123-786 E-mail: activemindtec@gmail.com Website: www.activemindtec.com, www.activemindtec.in